All I Know is…

Every time I teach/preach I learn something new that I didn’t get out of my study and prep before the sermon actually happened.

Every time I speak I’m amazed what different people actually hear.

Every time I reflect on a message that I delivered, a deeper understanding of the passage comes to my mind on the days after the presentation.

God has a plan.

I haven’t written on this blog in a while and need to get back to writing.

My daughter is coming home this week for a month, it will be good to see her.

There’s a lot of random things I know.

Maybe I know those things.

Time speeds up the older you get and kids become older in a matter if moments it seems.

Leviticus is a surprising book. There are a lot of things that connect to it in Scripture.

I’m about to have a staff meeting.

People are important to God.

We all come from one family and are created equal – evolution doesn’t teach this.

Crowder has a new album coming out in June and you can already purchase a few of those songs.

The day is quickly coming to an end.

It’s good to see some people from our past. Just met with one today. She has 4 kids now and those kids are precious.

I don’t always remember what someones name is but I can remember what they were wearing the last time I saw them and sometimes where I was at when I first met them.

I am a sinner and should be punished for my sins, but Jesus took my punishment on the cross and Im thankful for that.

I guess we need to stop this before I tell you everything I know.

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