Day 18

Ok, not sure which one to write about.. so I’ll just share the things that hit me from this passage.

1 – Isolation, it is so easy to fall into. For me it happens after I have been hurt by someone, or have a conflict with someone. The temptation to run and hide in the safety of my house, my space, my aloneness is strong. This course of action is not wise… it never solves the problem – 18:1

2 – What am I running to in my time of need? Is it the Lord? Or do I find peace of mind in my bank account? Not that I’m rich… instead, is my security found in having money in the bank or is it found in God? It is a wise thing to save for a rainy day… it is foolishness to trust in the rainy day account. I think we can be haughty with $500 in a bank account if that is what brings us security. We need to run to the Lord… He is our strong tower in our time of need and in our time of abundance. 18:10-12

3 – Death and Life are found in the power of the tongue – I must watch what I say today. 18:21

4 – You can’t please every one. You cannot be friends with everyone You cannot make everyone “like” you. If you try to please everyone it will bring you to ruin. 18:24 – (Now I know this verse is translated different ways in different translations but it should be translated “A man of many companions (friends) will come to ruin.”)

So there you go… a little different but true none the less.

What did you see from your reading today?

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