Day 16


That is what we often get when we guard our ways (16:17)

To strict they say

To legalistic they taunt

To restraining

No fun

“We don’t have that restriction and we are doing ok.”


That’s what we often get when we guard our ways (16:17)

We hear it from friends, family and acquaintances

You don’t have to live that restrictively… have fun while you can!

These voices want you to lower your guard and step over to the place they are at.

Just a little drink.

Just a little dirt in the joke

Just a little bend in the restrictions on your kids

Just a little bit will not hurt.

Just a little bit and you will see it’s not really that bad.

Just step over your guardrail… there is plenty of land to play on… it’s not that dangerous over here closer to the cliff…

and all the while you know what they are trying to get you to do is…

Evil and destructive.

They want to bring you closer to falling off the embankment.

“The highway of the upright turns aside from evil; whoever guards his way preserves his life” 16:17

So stay on your guard… Don’t listen to their foolish chatter, and keep those guardrails up.

Life is to valuable not too.

What did you get from the passage today?

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