Letter 27

If the enemy forces can get you as a believer not to pray they have allowed you to disarm yourself from their attacks. If they can get you to pray prayers where you are really not praying but just saying words, the same disarming occurs. If they can get you to pray without considering God’s will or His desires, you have disarmed yourself. If they can get you to pray without faith, faith that God will do what is right with your request, they have disarmed you in ways that open the flood gates for them to work in your life.

Screwtape tells Wormwood, that people don’t have the right amount of trust and respect for prayer. The forces of darkness, (including demons) and the forces of light, (including angels) stand outside of our time and space and they see that prayer works and is a powerful thing. The forces of light are amazed by it and the forces of darkness tremble when one is spoken. They see immediately the answers and how prayers move the heart of God.

We often miss or do not see how God the Father has reacted to our prayers in a mighty way. We – the humans – live in the present and move slowly (though we think its quickly) toward our next moment and do not see the answers as quickly as the spiritual forces around us see them. Even a casual prayer has a permeant link to God the Father’s heart and He moves. And for God, He answers immediately. Remember He is outside of time. therefore, for us who are inside of time and are progressing through it – it sometimes feels like an eternity for something to be answered when all the while God has already accomplished it. He has already answered it for us. For He places His answers into our future like pieces of a puzzle as soon as we request them. We are just in time and space and will have to progress through time and space until we get to that answer that to us just happened in that future moment BUT in fact it happened in our past when God made it part of our future.

I know that is a lot to think about, but it gives you a small perspective on the importance of making sure you are praying everyday in Spirit and in Truth. Be sure to watch out for the ways the enemy tries to weave his way into your prayer life to make it what it shouldn’t be. To the place where it is taken from your arsenal, crafted to not be useful to you or dangerous to him. That way you will have nothing to defend yourself with or attack with…

After all that is his goal.

Don’t let him win.

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