Easter Week Day 8

He is Risen!

I sit here at 8pm on Easter Sunday. In the background Resurrection Letters by Andrew Peterson is playing, a family favorite. It has been a good day, different in many ways but good.

No I take that back….

It was a GREAT DAY! How could it not be? Because, we are quarantined? Because, we were not able to have our church service on the inside of the local assembly place of brick and mortar? Or because holiday festivities were cancelled and this day was outside of what we traditionally do? Can these petty things take away the Greatness of the occasion of a tomb being empty? Do they really have the power to dampen our spirit of celebration of the risen Christ?


And may it NEVER be!

Christ is Risen!

Because the resurrection has undeniably occurred we have hope.

You see…

“It’s because He lives I can face tomorrow.”

“It’s because He lives ALL fear is gone”

“It’s because He lives He holds the future”

“And life is worth the living just because He LIVES!”

Yes… it was a GREAT DAY!


So as this day comes to a close, and “Don’t give up on me” plays in the background from Andrew Peterson’s, Resurrection Letters Volume 2. I will not give up on celebrating the greatest event ever, the one where God could have given up on me before the foundation of the world, but He choose to fight for us, so He died for us and rose 3 days later so we would have life eternal in Him.

That is AWESOME!

Worthy of celebration!

So before I continue to ramble in this post because of my excitement, I will end it now by saying…

Death couldn’t hold Him and now it can’t hold me! Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed!

and that makes today A GREAT DAY!

Todays Bible readings – Matthew 28; Mark 16; and Luke 24

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