The Cutting Board #markthatweirdness

Yes, the Sermon Cutting Board is back. It’s the place where ideas, points or concepts that were cut from a sermon that was recently preached is posted. These post do not give ALL the things that were cut, but just some that were either skipped during the message or it’s the ones that were very difficult to cut from the sermon during final prep. Here are some that were cut from the “Mark that Weirdness” Sermon from this past Sunday.

The passage of Mark 1:21-27 contains an introduction to the demonic/unclean spirit realm. For some reason this is the first miracle recorded in Mark though we know that Jesus had performed many others. One of the first questions that comes to my mind in reading this text is technical. Is there a difference between an Unclean Spirit and a Demon? Are they two different beings? My training would say no, they are the same but I am still looking into this to make sure. Regardless here is what I know…

Both titles point to invisible beings. Beings that remain invisible unless humans are given the ability to see them such as Elisha or John.

Both can possess an unbeliever but cannot possess a believer (someone who is saved by Jesus Christ – having put their faith in Him and His finished work on the cross). However, a believer can be influenced by demons or unclean spirits.

An unclean spirit is unclean because it is wicked. It comes to do damage to the person it possesses or the people around it. Unclean spirits in scripture promote wickedness in humans and they get a kick out of doing it. I.E. they enjoy it.

Unclean spirits seek to contaminate all of God’s creation, and their nature is corrupt and impure which is the opposite of the Holy Spirit’s nature (which is incorrupt and pure).

When a person is defiled by an unclean spirit, he takes pleasure in corrupt thoughts and actions. When a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, his thoughts and actions are pure. One destroys the other builds up. One causes damage while the other seeks to repair and redeem.

Those notes were what was suppose to lead into the question we did use on Sunday…

“What kind of Spirit have you brought with you today?”

If you want to hear the message this was cut from here it is on The Farmington Baptist Youtube page…

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