I need help talking to my kid about sex

Parents – here is a list of resources for you to check out to help you with the various issues that may arise with your children concerning this topic. It ranges from how to talk to them about porn, to help if you as a parent have trouble with that addiction, to a biblical view of sex within marriage and how to talk with your child about sex. This list was put together by a friend of mine, so a quick shout out of thanks to Joseph Tucker for allowing us to use the research he has done on this issue.

These are tools that we as parents can use to create in our children a deep personal trust in us and in God. Our goal here is not external conformity to rules; our goal is inward love for God and his way.

Here is the first link….

How to raise Children in a pornographic culture…


A Letter to Children about Pornography and the Eyes


Recommended Books

The Game Plan: The Men’s 30-Day Strategy for Attaining Sexual Integrity 

Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace

Swipe Right

The Tech-Wise Family 

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

5 Steps to Breaking Free from Porn

Further Reading and Videos

The Problem with Porn: Gospel Hope for Parents and Teens Video Message


How do you Guard your Children from Pornography Video


Raising Children with a Biblical Worldview of Sex and Sexuality Video Series


I Just Caught My Kid Looking At Porn


Teaching Son to Guard His Eyes


Christian Counseling & Education Foundation

Once you have demonstrated kindness, targeted the heart, and reminded your child of God’s love and of yours, take spiritual and practical steps to help lead them to lasting change. 

Spiritual steps:

  • Pray with and disciple your child. Show them how to respond to failure in a godly way. 
  • Disciple them in the little moments rather than waiting for the big ones. 
  • Ask them what they are struggling with and pray with them regularly. 

Do a targeted study with them at home.

Here are some great resources: 

1. The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens. Purchase here: http://tiny.cc/whsfcy 

  1. Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace. Purchase 

here: http://tiny.cc/ojsfcy 

  1. Sexual Sanity for Men: Re-Creating Your Mind in a Crazy Culture. Purchase 

here: http://tiny.cc/plsfcy 

  1. Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Sexual and Relational Brokenness

Purchase here: http://tiny.cc/xmsfcy 

  1. Involve church leaders. Your child needs the church. Talk to their youth leader or your Pastor about what’s going on and what you are doing to help your student—invite them in and let them help you disciple your child. 
  2. Connect your child with a biblical, Christian counselor. Counselors trained by organizations like CCEF (Christian Counseling and Education Foundation), ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors), ABC (Association of Biblical Counselors), and others can provide targeted, timely help for your child in moments of need. 

Here are several great resources from New Growth Press ($3.99/ea) that you can purchase here: http://stores.newgrowthpress.com/minibooks/ 

  1. How to Talk to Your Kid About Sex: Honesty and Openness for a Sensitive Subject
  2. iSnooping on Your Kid: Parenting in an Internet World 
  3. Peer Pressure: Recognizing the Signs and Giving New Direction 
  4. Raising Sexually Healthy Kids 
  5. Feeling Guilty: Grace for Your Mistakes 
  6. When Your Child Says “I’m Gay” 
  7. How to Say No When Your Body Says Yes: Finding True Satisfaction 
  8. Sex Before Marriage: How Far is too Far? 
  9. What’s Wrong with a Little Porn When You’re Single? 
  10. Who Should I Date? Relationship Advice for the Real World 
  11. Freedom from Addiction: Turning from Your Addictive Behavior 
  12. Temptation: Fighting the Urge 
  13. The Problem with Masturbation: It’s All About Me 
  14. Forging a Strong Mother-Daughter Bond: Beyond Manipulation and Control 
  15. A Father’s Guide to Raising Boys 
  16. A Father’s Guide to Raising Girls
  17. Sexual Assault: Healing Steps for Victims
  18. Self-Esteem: Looking Up Instead of Looking Inside
  19. Why Do I Care? When Other’s Approval Matters too Much 

Resources from Concordia Publishing House—purchase here: http://tiny.cc/72sfcy 

  1. Talking About Sex series. Contains volumes for preschoolers through teenagers. 

Resources from ERLC (Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention) 

1. http://erlc.com/resource-library/topic-index/parenting 

Helpful books: 

1. Tech Savvy Parenting. Purchase here: http://tiny.cc/r6sfcy 

2. Logged On and Tuned Out. Purchase here: http://tiny.cc/r7sfcy 

Helpful articles: 

1. “How to Block Porn on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch” http://tiny.cc/bgwgcy 

2. “How to Block Porn on Android and iPhone Using Settings and Apps” 

3. “How to Block Porn Sites on Any Android Device” http://tiny.cc/piwgcy 

Use technology safeguards.

  • Have access to your child’s technology platforms. 
  • Know their usernames and passwords—and check them periodically for accuracy. 
  • Add them to your iCloud or Android accounts. This allows you to see which apps they have downloaded and use. 

Covenant Eyes — http://www.covenanteyes.com 

X3 Watch — https://x3watch.com 

1. Circle (with Disney) — https://meetcircle.com 

1. Screentime — https://screentimelabs.com
2. TeenSafe — http://www.teensafe.com
3. Mobile Guardian — https://www.mobileguardian.com 

Parent, no one on Earth is better equipped to disciple your child than you. Your pastors are praying for you and stand ready to help in any way we can. 

Receive this blessing from the Scriptures:
May the God of peace, who though the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us that which is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. 

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