Top 10 Steve Green Songs

First – Every Thursday is throw back music Thursday… well at least for my family. We (really I) pick an artist (or album) from the past and we listen to it (yes I know people have been doing this with Pictures on Facebook forever so the idea is not really new).

Speaking of Facebook, recently I had a friend of mine post a picture of He and Steve Green at a conference in Greensboro. Steve Green was one of the first christian artist I listened too and was one of my favorites for a very long period of time. (Probably because he was as close to CCM as I was allowed to get to in college. )

That said there are a few songs of his that really stand out to me… here is a list of my top 10 favorite Steve Green Songs…

10 – A Mighty Fortress

It is one thing to listen to this one on his “People Need the Lord” Album, and quite the other to hear him sing it in one of his concerts. This is a solo acapella number that features mainly his voice with a choir or ensemble chiming in from time to time. Both the recorded and live versions of this tune infuses you with hope and strength. If you haven’t heard it you should check it out (which is a phrase I could say about all of the songs on this top 10 list!)

9 – All Across the Sky

This song is the first track on his “We Believe” album. It is a song about the existence of God and even though people may have philosophical questions concerning His existence, one would only need to look at creation to come to the understanding that there is a God, who not only created the universe, but He has also communicated His love to us through every detail of His creative act.

8 – Embrace the Cross

If this was sung once in my church growing up it was sung 1,000 times. Time will not permit me to talk about the powerful lyrics in this tune. Each lyrical phrase is well crafted to the point you say “WOW” that is amazing. Here’s the first verse…

Embrace the cross
Where Jesus suffered
Though it will cost
All you claim as yours
Your sacrifice will seem small
Beside the treasure
Eternity can’t measure
What Jesus holds in store


7 – Kings Shall Bow

This stately tune has this to say…

They mock His name
And slight His word as if He were a fable
They taunt my faith
And scorn me as if I were a fool
But feeble is their reproof
And firm is the final truth
That all their slandering
Doesn’t change a thing
For even at this very hour
If the Father pleases

Kings shall bow and adore
And nations kneel down before Him
And every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord

Yep… Nothing short of Amazing from start to finish….

6 – As We Sail to Heaven’s Shore

This song I struggled placing it at #6, and I still feel like it should be higher on this list. I love this song. It is extremely relaxing and fills the listener with hope. It was recorded during SG’s younger days and his young and pure voice is not only haunting but unmatched in comparison with everything else he has recorded.

5 – Sing Children Sing

This song is a celebration of being in a relationship with God. It explores the rolls of our Triune God. From the protection of the Father, to the love of the Son, and the guidance we receive from the Holy Spirit are truths are truths that should cause His children to sing. “Let your voices ring!”

4 – Grace By Which I Stand

This is a remake of a Keith Green song that SG recorded on a tribute album to him. When I first heard this song it caught me a bit off guard because at the time it was remarkably different than anything else he had recorded. It soon became one of my all time favorite SG songs… in fact – I would rather hear him sing it than Keith Green… and that’s saying something!

3 – Cross of Love

This song takes the listener through the sufferings of our Savior that He endured because of His love for you and me. This is found on a compilation album called “Savior” Twila Paris sings this with him.

2 – Answer the Call

This anthem encourages men to answer the call to be a Godly man in an ungodly age. The music to this song has sort of a cool vibe to it, and is definitely different than anything else SG has recorded.

1 – What are the Words?

This has always been my favorite SG song. In fact when I saw the Facebook picture this song was the first one to hit my mind. It is a song about the calling of God. Not a calling of a pastor or a prophet, missionary or evangelist – Instead it is a call of God to all the people of the world to come to Him. He calls through laughter ,He calls through pain and once a person responds to that call (in a positive way) the ONE word that comes instantly their lips is Hallelujah – a word that dominates the chorus of this song.

So you may have at one time listened to the music of Steve Green or maybe this is the first time you have ever heard of him. Take some time today to look up some of these songs I mentioned and see what you think…

They are crazy good tunes… Here is a link where you can play them all….

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