Types of Good

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you should be good at it.

This means there are some things we should be good at and there are some things we are good at that we shouldn’t be good at.

There are some things we can be good at that make us good people and there are some things we can be good at that makes us evil….


Some people are good at getting their way by whatever means are available to them. It doesn’t matter if what they are about to do is shady, slightly shady or outright evil. Some people are good at lying to accomplish their goals. While others are good at placing people in positions where they are seen in a bad light in order to make themselves look better. They make others look bad so they can achieve…

and they are good at it.

Some people are schemers. They buddy buddy up to you to gain information so they can turn on you later.

I once worked with a lady that was extremely good at this. She had a great smile, and a sweet demeanor but she was a schemer. Oh and she had it down. She would investigate things and then in “sweet horror” present the “facts” she found with a “sweet sense of horror”.

“Oh the horror of this information”

“My innocent sweet nature was just in shock that this stuff was allowed to go on” – was the way she acted…

but it was all a scheme…

she was good at painting horrible pictures of the other people she worked with in a “sweet” way…

but it was all an evil device…

a way of living for self that God condemns.

“…a man of evil devices he (God) condemns” Proverbs 12:2b

It’s easy to be good at evil but a bit harder to be good…

for real.

Being good at and being good are two different things.

Being good means you are trying your best to do the right thing. You are trying your best to love people, you are trying your best to do what is right.

Being good means you are trying to live a life that is acceptable to God your creator. A life he approves of…

“A good man obtains favor from the Lord…” Proverbs 12:2a

Someone who is good loves in the truest way. It’s not a love that accepts everything as being ok, but a love that desires the best for the one that is the object of his love. Good is saying things of encouragement and instruction for the benefit of the one loved. Good is when someone’s name is safe on our lips, when we do not talk ill of them while they are not around. We protect and use the power we do have to help the ones we love, not hurt them.

Someone who is good is someone who has true joy, because his joy isn’t found in what he has but in what he sees others accomplishing and he rejoices with them in those achievements.

A good man doesn’t allow himself to get caught up in needless “wars” but does or says what is needed to keep peace. A good man has figured out how to stand up for what is right in a peaceful manner. A good man knows the difference between peace and appeasement.

A good man isn’t antsy but patient. Sometimes no matter how much he wants something to happen “sooner” than “later” and it becomes obvious it’s going to happen later its ok…. Because people and circumstances are often on a different timetable than his preferred one…

and that’s ok.

That’s patience.

He also realizes some people have trouble with change while others don’t. A good man knows how to lead and instruct people in all these different scenarios. He is patient, kind and exhibits goodness toward all.

A good man has self-control. He knows how God wants him to live. He knows how God wants him to treat people. He lives to honor God in everything he does and he abstains from doing the kinds of things God would not approve of.

He’s not out to do people in

He’s not out to criticize others.

His desire is to help others and please God.

This is why he has favor from the Lord…

Why wouldn’t anyone want to live a life that God favors?

Does it truly matter?

But if a person professes to believe in God, then it should matter to them whether God favors him or not. If this is you – live as a good person not as a schemer and God will honor you.

“A good man obtains favor from the Lord but a man of evil devices he condemns.” Proverbs 12:2

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