Day 3 – Proverbs 3

I understand a lot of things,

(Or at least I think I do)

and sometimes my understanding gets in the way of trusting God.

In fact…

I understand that it is easier for me to lean on what I know than it is for me to trust God.

In fact I would rather acknowledge the facts of a given situation than to acknowledge God’s hand in it all.

It is real easy for me to acknowledge my feelings, my plight, my hurt, my thoughts and my solutions.

In fact I would rather direct my path, or come up with my own plan than to wait on God to show me.

I would rather move than trust Him enough to wait.

This is why sometimes….

most of the time…

my path isn’t straight.

This is why I often find myself confused with ” it all”

But if I could just Trust God… and lean on Him…

on ” his everlasting arms”,

things would be far better than I could ever make them.

But that would take a decision

A personal decision…

to lean a different way.

Instead of leaning on what I understand about things I would have to lean on Him…

I would have to trust Him with it all…

even when my heart doesn’t want to. (3:5-8)

That’s what moved me from this passage today.

What did you see?

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Proverbs 3

  1. I was struck by verses 19-20…that by the Lord’s wisdom He founded the earth and by His understanding He established the heavens and by His knowledge the deeps broke open and the clouds drip with dew! That’s the wisdom and understanding and knowledge I want to pursue! What encouragement and hope are breathed out in verses 21-26. God’s wisdom is more than I can fathom. God’s wisdom is life to my soul and is integrity I can wear graciously. God’s wisdom is why I can walk securely and confidently in this life; He will not allow my foot to slip. Because of God’s wisdom I have nothing to fear when I lie down at night! He ensures my sleep will be sweet! And now I begin to understand the depth of the treasure we have in Wisdom…because none of these things can be bought with silver or precious jewels!

  2. I need to trust the Lord and acknowledge him in times of struggle. No matter how impossible a situation may be, no matter what I think I know, GOD will direct me. It also went more along with chapter 2 in regards to keeping your distance from the wicked and letting God take care of them.

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