Seems this fall I have been faced with a season of grief.  There are things that sometimes happen that are totally out of my control.  I didn’t cause them to happen, they just happened.  Things like decisions friends make that hurt me to to core, and the knowledge that I know the decision wasn’t the best one for them though they think it is.  Decisions people have made to continue in their way of life that is bringing them harm and for the life of me I can’t get them to see that their way of life is bringing on the troubles they are experiencing. Then, there is this past Friday when one of our church members passed away, a member that was dear to my heart. There are personal things that I have struggled with over the past few months, how to handle certain situations and how to plow through others.

It is sometimes overwhelming as my soul grieves over these things.

Then there are those things I know that my friends are experiencing. Things like – I have a good friend whose best friend just moved out of the area… and I don’t mean to the next county… I mean out out “west” – and a little north.  Knowing that his heart is hurting makes my heart hurt for him.  Other friends have sickness issues, a child has been hit inappropriately by her mother, and parents who are struggling with how to parent….

and you just want to go in and have the power to save them all… not in a redemption sense because you know its not your job to do that but in a “making everything ok” sense.

The power to get people to change their decisions and realize what they have given up.

The power to bring the one back that has now moved away.

The power to reverse time and take the child out of the situation of abuse before it happens.

The power to heal people from their sicknesses

The power to raise the dead.

Why do I not have these super hero supernatural powers?

Because I would miss use them…

though I would do a lot of good with them…

some how in the long run it would wind up doing more harm than good….

much more harm.

So… once the thought process gets to this point I am reminded of the importance and the power of prayer.  For I can ask for all the above “miracles” and then leave it to God to do the right thing, the thing that is best for each and every situation.  The very thing that I would totally mess up if given the power to do so…

for if you think the world is chaotic now…

if we had unlimited power to change things our incidental misuse of that power would wind up making things much worse.


I move on…

praying without ceasing for God to move in the way he sees fit – though I give him suggestions how I would do it along the way. 🙂 😉

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