How to Share the Gospel #2

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Ask Spiritual Questions

Sometimes before you can share your testimony or a gospel presentation, you simply need to get to a spiritual conversation. You can do that by asking a few good questions. This is the approach I personally take with strangers I encounter during the course of every day living. I do this with taxi drivers, store clerks, and others I happen to strike up conversation with.

I do need to say that we are people talking with other people. The goal isn’t just to vomit gospel facts all over someone. It is to show the love of Christ and be the aroma of Christ. This means that you’ll need to listen. Like a lot. Sometimes I listen a whole lot and end up sharing a verse or only saying something like, “God loves you” to the other person before our time is up. While my goal is to share the entire message, it sometimes doesn’t work out. That’s okay because I want to be authentic and genuinely compassionate. I trust the Lord to take the little I do and multiply it.

Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming on conversation starters. I suggest you take a few minutes to come up with your own set of questions that come naturally for you.

> Are you a religious person?

> Do you know how to have a relationship with God?

> Did you grow up in church? What were you taught about God growing up? Do you still believe that?

> May I pray for you? Do you have any special needs I can pray for?

> What do you think the solution to (insert recent troubling news event) is?

> Do you have time for a short story? It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I love to tell people about it!

> What did you think of the pastor’s message this week? (After attending a church service.)

For a good article on asking deep questions that lead to sharing the gospel, read this post from Desiring God Ministries.

Note: this material is not original with me (I did not write it), it came from 

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