Ways to Share the Gospel #1

passport-expediting-services.jpgAct 58 Signs.001

1.Tell people that you went (or are going) to church when they ask about your weekend. Add in a quick sentence about what the sermon was about.

2.Refuse to participate in ungodly activities. When they ask why, politely(!!) let them know.

3.Play Christian radio in your car when you carpool (It’s okay to have it on quietly. You don’t have to blast it and sing at the top of your lungs–unless you want to.)

4.Pray for people when you hear they are going through a rough time. Pray right there with them, and let them know you have will be praying for them on your own too.

5.Read the Bible or other Christian books on your lunch break. People will notice. They may ask you what your book is about, or you may bring it up yourself.

Note: These ideas are not original with me… I took them from another site and will credit that site with the last post we have in this series…

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