How to Share the Gospel #1

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Personal Testimony

Our stories are not the gospel; the gospel is the good news about Christ. Our stories can incorporate this good news though! Every believer should be ready in season and out of season to share what God has done in her life.

If you’re like me, something as simple as a personal testimony can seem overwhelming.

Never fear because this is actually super simple if you know the three simple elements Paul included when sharing his testimony in Acts 26:1-23.

First, take three minutes to read Paul’s testimony for an example of what you’re aiming for. Now you’re ready to prepare your own short story.

Here are the three elements to a basic testimony:

1. Give a brief description of what your life was like before you received Christ. (see verses 4-11)

2. Describe how God spoke to your heart and opened your eyes to spiritual truth. Include the basic facts of the gospel and your response of faith. (verses 12-18)

3. Finally, share how your life has changed since receiving the forgiveness available in Christ. (verses 19-23)

That’s it! If you haven’t taken the time to jot down your personal testimony, why not do it now? This is probably the easiest way ever to share your faith and everyone likes to hear a personal story. It’s okay to practice this a few times so it is natural and you are comfortable with it first. Try to keep it short (2-3 minutes) and authentic. Each time you share, speak it from the heart!

Note: This is not original with me, I found it @ but this is not even original for the writer of that site either, this method has been taught so many times through the years it is hard to find who it originated with.

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