Those Hypocrites…


Hypocrites are everywhere!


Yes there are hypocrites in your local church

they also eat at McDonalds, shop at Walmart, go to your local college, were part of your High School Graduating class, are political leaders and factory workers in fact everywhere you go they exist.

It’s the person who is driving 5 miles under the speed limit being a cautious driver when you almost hit them as they rolled through that stop sign.

It’s the person who shouts from the roof top tolerance but is intolerant of all that have an opposing idea.

It’s the person who says they are on a diet and ate 5 helpings of your mama’s banana pudding though they eat very little of the actual meal.

It’s the person who screams at someone because of that person’s anger problem.

and the list could go on…


Because we are all Hypocrites

all of us

We have all fallen into it and it is extremely difficult not to live at some level of Hypocrisy.


Because none of us is perfect and because we are not perfect…

we all need a Savior

A Savior we cry out for

indirectly or directly

every time we get irritated

by Hypocrisy

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