Short Leadership Thoughts for Today

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At some level everything that happens with the people you are leading falls at your feet.  If they go astray, though you are not guilty of what they have done, it still falls at your feet to deal with their choices at some level.  If they have success, though they are the ones publicly praised and rewarded, it still falls at your feet as a leader for you gain much when the people you are leading succeed.

“Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership” – John Maxwell

Having the right team around you is just as important as having a vision.  The right team is more than just having a group of talented people around you.  Its having the right talented people that have strengths you do not have and strengths that you do have.  When it comes to staffing your weaknesses that is an easy task but when you began to staff your strengths it becomes a bit harder as a leader.  Staffing your strengths makes you give up somethings you are good at so you can focus on one or two things you are really good at.  The more laser focused you are in developing  your strengths the larger your organization will grow and succeed.  But this includes giving up somethings you are good at so you can become great in a few areas.

A well rounded successful leader doesn’t exist, well roundedness limits you.  This is something that at first doesn’t make sense however the more you think about it and how it plays out in life the more you realize it is true.  I have had to learn this over time (and still am learning more about it everyday).  When I was young I thought it was a great thing that I could do everything in the church I was leading at the time. I thought that made me a valuable leader and made what I could accomplish limitless.  This turned out to be untrue, the fact is it limited how far that church could go.

It couldn’t grow beyond me…

and that was small.

But with the right team around you and a vision to go for, what you can accomplish together blows away anything a “one hit wonder” can do. For success becomes multiplication rather than addition and subtraction.

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