The 100th Day


Today marks the 100th day of 2017.

Yes we only have 265 days left in this year…

Crazy right?

At the beginning of this year I started reading through the Bible chronologically using the YouVersion app’s Chronological reading plan.  I have always enjoyed reading throughout the Bible this way.  When I started on January 1st –  I thought that on the 100th day I would write a blog about the passages I read on that day.  (I often read ahead so the 100th day of reading isn’t always the 100th day in the reading plan).

The set of passages I read on this 100th day was 2 Samuel 5:11-25, 2 Samuel 6, 1 Chronicles 13, 14 and Chapter 15.  These are sections of scripture where we find King David on his throne in Jerusalem, he is building himself a house in the city and he is defeating the Philistines by following God and His instructions.  It is amazing to me how influential the leader of a country can be on the spiritual direction of a country.  David is leading his people to God to the best of his ability and they are following him. At least a huge majority of them.

I am praying today that God will raise up a president of the USA like King David, that will be devoted to following God with all his heart and lead our country back to Him.

(I am not saying anything about President Trump here, I pray for him on a daily basis that God will give him the wisdom and knowledge he needs to lead this country effectively.)

Second – this is also the passage that Uzzah lost his life when he reached out and prevented the Ark of the Covenant from falling off a cart they were transporting it on.  This seemingly innocent act was in disobedience to God’s command to not touch the Ark.  But it goes further than that,  they were transporting it incorrectly as well. The good intentions of David and the people in bringing the Ark to Jerusalem and celebrating the Lord and His goodness was hindered from reaching the throne of God because of their disobedience to God. A disobedience that was the result of their ignorances of the Scriptures.

There are several lessons form this story,  first and foremost God is serious when he says something is wrong or right. He is serious when he tells us we should live a certain way and do things a certain way.  If we decide to do things differently (out of ignorance or on purpose) and  seem to be getting away with it, we need to keep in mind there is a good chance that is not the case.  God is Holy… Yes He is gracious and merciful but He is equally as Holy.

Second – studying scriptures to understand how God wants us to live is of key importance.  Yes doctrine is important but if we only study the Bible to learn the facts about doctrine we are missing out on how God intends for us to live.  God desires obedience above sacrifice, and obedience is an action not a theological concept you have learned.

(Again I am not saying doctrine is not important – it is. How you live is more important however, than how much you know.)

Third – King David was a leader who learned from His mistakes.  He was able to repent and adjust.  In life King David did not make many mistakes, the majority of the time he followed God with his whole heart.  David corrected his mistakes by confessing his sins and conforming to what God said was right.  We need to have this same attitude, that when we mess up, we resist the temptation to make excuses for our actions, we resist the temptation to argue or prove to ourselves that what we have done is right or the exception to the rule that God has written. Instead we determine in our hearts and minds to admit what we have done that is wrong and change to the way God wants us to live according to His word.

So there you have it… Words from scripture on this 100th day of 2017.

WOW… that last sentence sounded Royal….

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