Job Perception


There are people who rewrite your story to match their perceptions of you and events that have occurred. (Some people rewrite their own story but thats not what the post is about). I am sure that most of the people who will read this have been on the receiving end of a rewrite about their lives that just wasn’t true.

Job was no different.

In the midst of his pain and agony his three friends strove to make him out as the villain citing his suffering as proof of their inclinations. One friend went as far to rewrite Job’s testimony and painted a bad picture of Job that just wasn’t true.  In doing so he attacked Job’s character and made Job out to be something he wasn’t because his friend would rather change Job’s story to match what he thought of him than change his perception to see the person Job really was.

I have had this happen to me more than once, and for some of you you have experienced the same thing.  People say things to you with smiles on their faces and with sweet caring countenances  that are untrue and hurtful.  Their self righteousness bleeds a stench that brings another level of suffering to your soul.

I am amazed sometimes at the lengths some people will go to beat you down with a smile. Just so they can keep their misperception of things and not be the ones who need to change.  Even if they have to rewrite your story to match what they believe they will do it in a heart beat just to win their petty argument.

This is what Elphaz did to Job (22)

But Job would have none of it (21 and 23-24)

So – Don’t believe the lies.  Don’t accept the rewrite  (yours or someone else’s).  From the start of the book of Job we see he was very serious about confessing his sins and making sure others had in his family.  From his words he had examined what he had done in his life and knew he had lived righteously.  He did not make up stories about himself and he did not make up stories about other people and he sure wasn’t going to accept a fictional rewrite even if it came from one of his friends.

We shouldn’t either.

There will always be people who show up in our lives from time to time and degrade us and rewrite who we are to match their perception of who they think we are. Do not fall into the trap of believing what they are saying about you.  Yes, you will feel bad but do not allow those feelings to lead you to acceptance of their fictional story about you.



One thought on “Job Perception

  1. Job is so hard to fathom-He loses everything dear to him and God allows it. And then his friends (some friends, huh) quickly blame him and some egregious sin he must somehow be hiding! I’m reading through Job also and with new eyes this time. I’ll say this -it is not easy to listen to your “friends” speak bad of you, to attack your character, to whisper behind your back…actually I would say it is impossible in my own strength to live out Job 13:5. But it is possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s also difficult to allow Jesus to be my defense. Words and accusations hurt and wound deeply. They just don’t make you “feel bad”. I am thankful my story is being rewritten and my character is being refined- but only by my Creator. The Author and Perfecter of my faith!

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