I am not sure, (and really don’t want to find out) if I could have handled all that happened to Job in the first 2 chapters of the book.  It is remarkable that he remained faithful to God during those tough times.

He also didn’t say anything about what had happened to him for 7 days.  I complain sometimes immediately when things in life do not go the way I think they should or when they go sour.  Truthfully, the complaining time is often short lived and then I move forward attempting to navigate through the problem only finding that the desire to complain about things sneaking back up on me and I have to deal with that desire once again putting it away and seeking forgiveness for the bad attitude I allowed it to produce inside me.

Job had the right perspective from the start.  Even when he breaks his silence he only talks about the pain and makes verbal expressions about how he feels.  There is no attack in his words toward God or people, only expressions of the pain he feels inside.  He knows that God has a purpose in his calamity and at a spiritual level he rests in that fact.

Could you rest today in the knowledge that God has a purpose in what you are experiencing whether good or ill – painful or amazing?

If Job could do it, there is no reason why we couldn’t do it as well.



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