3 Questions Everyone Answers


There are 3 questions that everyone answers everyday they live.  Some people answer them because someone has brought them to their attention, either from a book they have read, from a speaker they have heard or from a friend that has challenged them to consider them.  Others have asked these questions but in a different way, with different words.  Everyone else, though they have never thought about them have answered them subconsciously.  The way they are answered guides everything we choose to do and will determine the person we will eventually become.

Question 1 – Who do you look up to?

Question 2 – What do you value?

Question 3 – Who are you trying to be like? (Who are you chasing?) Who are you trying to be 10 years from now?

This is a trinity of questions, you can’t have one without the other. No one just answers the first one and disregards the other two.  No one chooses 2 of the 3 and ignores one of them.  They are answered even if you think you are not answering them.  They exist together as a unit.

The answers for each are always different, even if you try to make them the same. For example, if you answer them this way…

Question 1 – Bob

Question 2 – My Family

Question 3 – Bob

Then Question 1 or 3 isn’t really Bob.  One of them could be Bob but the other can’t be, because who you are chasing is a result of who you look up too.  Who you look up to is the person you look to for guidance and direction, who you are trying to be like is never the same person, though you might convince yourself it is.  The person you are trying to be like is looking up to the same person you are looking up to.

Again the questions are not individual, they are a trinity, you can’t split up the set. Your mind always answers these 3 questions differently and the answers are always connected.  It is what drives you, determines your actions, your values and your direction in life.

The question is, are you being intentional about answering these 3 questions or are you just letting them answer themselves from your subconscious state.

I would encourage you to be intentional about answering them. Take a few moments today to think through them, pray through them and find answers for them.

I have answered these questions and it is amazing the focus that has come to my life as a result of doing this exercise.

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