Just Like Everyone Else



My name is Phillip

Nothing extra ordinary

Just Phillip

Made like everyone else was made in this world

in my mother’s womb

Crafted by the hand of God

then born

into an imperfect world filled with imperfect people

just like me

which defined the need without defining it

which set me in a bad situation I could not get out of

committed to sin without committing to sin

just like everyone else

But one day

I was found and offered a way out

by the very God who crafted my very existence

just like everyone else

So I Phillip

believed in Jesus, His Death and Resurrection

and began a relationship with Him


and now He calls me

Phillip, My Child

My son

I now join all those who have believed in His name

and pray for all those who still have a chance to do so here on this earth

to accept Him as I have.

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