What is absent in a good man?


What is absent in a good man?

We can all probably list things pretty quickly that make up a good man and could probably make a list of things we would never expect a good man to do but what is absent in a good man?

Absent with no future of becoming present.

What would those things be?

This is an important question because we use the term “good” for men and women all the time.

She is a good woman – He is a good man.

and the word “but” generally follows with information that is anything but good concerning that person.

We often like to feel good about ourselves. We often like to think we are good people even though we do things, say things, and treat people in ways that aren’t good. In ways that if we were really “good” would be absent from our lives. “Nonexistent” if you will.

Now before you get all “spiritual” on me and say “there is none good no not one”  I would like you to consider Acts 11:24 which describes Barnabas as a “good man”. The differences between these two sayings maybe for another post at another time…

or maybe not…


If Barnabas can be called “a good man” what made him good?  What would have been absent from his life because he was a good man?

The simple answer is everything bad. Everything that would be evil, or morally wrong.  Things like lying, cheating on your wife, cuss words, sinful anger, bad attitudes towards people, a lack of caring for others, self focused ignoring others needs, playing politics, supporting things that are wrong, complaining, manipulating people, drug abuse, alcohol abuse,  using people for your own purposes, passing judgements on people, etc… because the list could go on, and on.

The question – what is absent from a “man” that is good – is an important one.  If you think about it in the light of Jesus Christ you will began to realize somethings you need to let go of. Things that you are doing that goes against your belief that you are good. It will bring conviction and set you on a path to becoming a true “good person”…

like Barnabas.

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