You know sometimes it is difficult knowing exactly what to write. Maybe that is why for so long now I haven’t posted much.  It’s not that I haven’t had topics that have been on my mind that could have become post, because I have. Its more of those topics that have been on my mind I just didn’t feel comfortable posting my thoughts about them.  Some of those thoughts had to do with marriage and divorce. Others thoughts had to do with people who decided not to follow God and his purposes for their life. Some of the thoughts were about the current political environment. While other thoughts centered around the current bathroom issue in North Carolina.  All could have gotten responses that were not so positive.  I even tested the “bathroom” issue on Facebook this past week and was surprised at some of the comments that were made to the point I deleted the post. For me once you get past a G rating with the language someone chooses to use in their comments it is time for that post to go.

I choose not to post not because I am ashamed of the truth or anything like that.  Its I honestly just didn’t want to put up with the mess people throw your way when you speak to some of these issues.  With the push against “bullying” in this country it sure is amazing to me that bullying has gotten worse rather than better. The main tactic today for a lot of people when it comes to an idea or fact that goes against what they want to believe is to shout it down.  You know truth has been spoken today anytime words like biggot, stupid, or racist are used. People get upset not because they are right but because truth is unsettling.


But then there is God who is at work in spite of all the junk that is going on in the world.

There has always been junk going on in the world

Maybe its not in spite of…

Maybe he works above the junk.

I know he does and that settles my soul.



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