What is going on…

This is a post about absolutely nothing…


My son is riding his bike

My wife has gone to pick up my daughter

My daughter is waiting to be picked up

There are two birds in my yard eating something

And additional one just flew by

My son just came in he had a flat tire and needed me to pump it up.  Couldn’t do it right then though I tried, seems the air compressor is having issues.

My wife just texted me to see if I would like thin crust or not.  Jarvis told me I had a text message from her.

If you say Jarvis to Siri it is funny what she replies with.

Just got back from checking the air compressor I guess I’ll wait until it shuts off before I try pumping the tire up again.

Today I have been working on this evening’s Bible Study, music for tonight, a future sermon, Sunday’s sermon and submitted a manuscript for copyright approval.

Here in the past few weeks I have seen answers to prayers, some of which I have only prayed for once or twice.

The air compressor just turned off.

Yea – the tube inside the tire must have a puncture – just changed that thing out on Friday of last week. Looks like Im going to have to do it again.

A friend of mine told me a few days ago how to make a bike tubeless – might need to contact him to see how.

There are rows of cut grass in my yard that has turned brown.

Currently my music is on shuffle, every song that starts with the letter F is being shuffled through.  Right now there is a song from the album “Savior” playing called “For all these things”

Not Steven Curtis Chapman’s “First Hand’ is playing… you know the one that sounds a lot like “Footloose”

My son is now jumping on the trampoline with a friend of his.

I’m guessing that by now my wife and daughter are on their way to Michael’s. They are in the need of paint.

Just got an email from PayPal

The birds in the yard are gone.

We have been making a bike trail in the gully beside our house. That is where the issues with my sons bike started.  He must be hitting a root or something when he rides.

“Rain Rain on my Face” – yes you guessed it – it’s “Flood” by Jars of Clay.

Alright enough of this….

I’m looking forward to our service on Sunday at Farmington Baptist Church.  It’s going to be good.

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