Snow Plow Ideas

With the approaching snow storm I thought I would take this moment and show you a few creative ideas for making common “vehicles” into snow plows.


Yes drag that Golf cart out and get it ready for T-Time. Be sure to use a golf ball that isn’t white or yellow.  Most golf courses will let you golf for free during a snow storm.


All this is missing here is chains for the tires.


Work those legs… if you go on the road be sure to attach a orange flag that is at least on a 4 foot pole.


I know what you are asking and yes…. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!



It’s good to have that wind guard for the high speeds you will hit on this mechanical baby!


Walk and plow in style…


For those of us who like to drive in style and have to have the coolest snow plow out there.


Yes… there is a way for everyone to enjoy plowing the snow.

So… when it gets here… GO! be brave and plow to your heart’s content.

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