An Implication of being Created


We are created beings.

This means that at sometime in the past, recent or otherwise, we did not exist. Neither did planet Earth, the Moon, our Solar System or the Universe for that matter. There was a point in time where nothing occupied the space we now live in.

But today, I exist and so do you. We live breathe and move in “space” that someone designed for us to live in.  “Space” someone cared enough to provide for us.  We live with other created beings  and we are capable of having relationships with them.  For they are created to be like us and we like them.  Because we are created (and everything around us – earth, moon, solar system and universe – are also creations), we know someone created it all.  It means there is a creator and he owns all the real-estate from the farthest  star in the universe to our very own bodies. For since he created it, he owns it.  It’s his and he “might” be “the center of the universe”, what it all revolves around. A place that some of us want for ourselves but can never have.

This point of truth stirs up an array of questions and has profound implications.  Including the question….

Why did he create us in the first place?  What was his purpose in doing that?

Well, There are several answers both theological, practical and philosophical we could explore. But the answer I am thinking about today is this one…

God created us so we could know Him, so we could commune with Him, so we could have a vibrant relationship with Him.

Man was not to be alone, was not to have an isolated existence. Man was to develop and maintain relationships. So, God created male and female in His image.  The creator, created us so we could commune with each other and learn from that experience so we would know how to commune with Him.

Think on that a little bit…

it’s an amazing thing.

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