Road Talk – (from an imperfect driver)


Ok, so I don’t know if I left the house this morning frustrated or if the drivers that were in my path begin it all, but what I know is, this morning was crazy.  But, before I get to that I want to address the title of this post.  Yes, it is “Road Talk (from and imperfect driver)” and what you need to know (maybe) is the biggest word in that title (you figure it out) I really do not believe that I am that word… take the “i” & “m” off the front of it and that lines up more with what I really think of myself. After all, you have to at least look like you’re being humble about your rants or no one will listen…


Yea, something like that

So, my daughter and I left the house this morning a bit later than normal and my neighbor a few doors down pulls out in front of us. I do not even think they were looking when they did it.  This individual also hung out at the first stop sign forever. I don’t know if they were putting on makeup, checking their phone or taking a nap. What I do know is, I did not blow my horn…

That’s good I guess…

By the time we made it out of our subdivision we found ourselves behind a school bus.  Now, the school bus driver was doing a great job driving but man sometimes it’s hard to be behind one of those.  Eventually, the bus turned  but unfortunately it was a road we use every morning to get to school (think of that, a school bus using that same road to get to school… who knew?)  so I decided to go for an alternate route to save time.

Not a good choice…

When we arrived at 421 (a highway) there was a line of cars already heading down the ramp to merge onto the highway. The  highway was clear  but for some reason someone in the pack of cars decided hit their breaks and only by the intervention of God was I was able to stop our vehicle from plowing into the car in front of us.  Now, whoever this individual was that thought it was a good idea to slow down on an acceleration ramp, slowed down (on the ramp) to a speed that allowed enough time to pass for 421 to become busy again.  (That takes talent.) So after a bit of maneuvering we made in onto 421 and passed that pack of cars.   Soon, we made it to the Lewisville/Clemmons Road exit and found ourselves behind yet another  “driver”.

This driver not only didn’t have the capability of turning right when the road was more than clear enough to do so, she/he also could not turn when the light turned green either.  Again, I did not blow my horn which was a challenge at this point.  This car did however, finally turn right but pulled out in front of a green Ford Ranger which had to put on breaks to avoid a rear-end collision.


As we approached the school a car in the left hand lane that was at a dead stop decided to change lanes and pulled out in front of me. Again, I put on my breaks and prayed the people behind me would not hit us.

And just when you thought it might be over… it wasn’t, for it seems “they” were all out in force today!

Now, I love police officers, I do. But this morning the one that was directing traffic was a bit challenged.  He only allowed one car to turn left into the school at a time.  Not, sure why, but he would stop traffic, let one go and then walk over to the sidewalk stand there for a while then stop the traffic again only allowing one car to accomplish the left hand turn. He had never done this before, so I’m not sure what the difference was today.  But again, I say, I have loads of respect for police officers and would not include this here but it adds to the absurdity of the morning commute.

Do you think it is over?


After dropping my child off, I found myself behind a white van that was also “turn challenged”.  While trying to leave the school parking lot, we stayed put long enough for a dozen cars to turn right out of the school but was unable to because the person driving the white van in front of me was taking a coffee break I guess.  When they did finally turn I found myself behind them at a stop light where they waited again, for a long time before they turned left… even with a green light. (they must have been kin to the driver of the car I mentioned earlier).

Amazingly.. I did not blow my horn… this is an accomplishment, in fact I didn’t even try to blow my horn.


yes there is one more

On 801 I found myself behind a vehicle that was going maybe 35 in a 50 mile per hour zone.  I could not pass them but thankfully they pulled into a Moravian Church, to drop their little one off at the church’s preschool.  However, this driver felt it would be safer to stop their car on 801 and wait a few moments before they turned right into that parking lot. Whew!!!

And then I felt it,



I didn’t speed though I wanted too and made it to work without sinning…

and that was awesome.

So if you were one of these drivers I described here in the post (though I doubt that is possible) shame on you. That said, I am glad all that were involved in this morning’s ordeal was at least safe. Though most of these “drivers” really need to take Drivers ED again. (Of course that is my opinion… which holds weight… see the first paragraph)

And thats that.

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