What is Summer Spectacular?

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What is Summer Spectacular?

This is a question that is often asked but often while the answer is being given the communicator is interrupted with this phrase…

“OH… It’s VBS”

and then the conversation ends.

The problem is the person that does this walks away with the wrong answer because Summer Spectacular is not VBS.

Now I am not saying that VBS is wrong to do. I am not saying that it does not have value. I love the fact that other churches do VBS (or for my friends at CG – Summer Adventure).  I think anytime the church invests in children it is a great thing.  I applaud each church that dedicates a week of time to do that through VBS. ‘Praise the Lord” is my attitude toward that!

and That brings us back to our question…

What is Summer Spectacular?

It’s a kids show.

There are no Bible Stories that are told in classrooms.

There are no crafts (unless you are a preschooler)

There is not a set over all theme for the week. We do not go to the “Moon”, “Ride Roller Coasters”, go “Outback” become “Knights”, or go to the “Fair” each night – “not that there is anything wrong with that” (see above)

It’s a show and each night has a different theme to it. For the “older kids” (Kindergarden – 5th grade) when the main show is over they all go “backstage” which is another show in a big room where they learn the Bible Story that backs up the theme they just experienced in the main show. For our preschoolers their whole Bible Lesson occurs in our Children’s Worship Center” There is no back room for them.

It is a show that is very interactive.  The main show has interactive “things” that occur that are designed as a fun way to impress the theme onto child’s mind.  After the main show when they go backstage the Bible Story is also presented in an interactive way. A way that is engaging and beneficial.  And what we have found is children do not quickly forget what they have learned.

No other church will have the same lessons that Summer Spectacular will present to your child. (This is not a criticism, see above for how I feel about VBS).

And I guarantee your child will be impacted by what they experience each night.

Is there a game time? Yes

Is there snack time? Yes – It’s included with game time.

So what is Summer Spectacular?

It’s an interactive kids show that presents the gospel and biblical principles in creative ways.

So don’t let your child miss out on it… register today (It’s Free)


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