Elevator Etiquette

Just left the hospital and had a wonderful experience with the elevators there.

As a result of that experience here is a sign I would like to suggest to be hung in every elevator at Baptist Hospital.

Elevator Rules of Social Conduct

1. Wait till everyone is out of the elevator before you get on.

2. Don’t not pass gas on the elevator.

3. If you do pass gas get out of the way of the person who is about to throw up as a result of your stench.

4. Please, do not discuss medical things that would turn someone’s stomach if they were at a dinner table with you.

5. FYI the elevator is not a good place for ” private time “. Everyone can hear what you are saying… We do not want to know who is sleeping with who… (Even when we do not know them)

6. If there is only 3 people in the elevator when you get on, there is no need for you to stand really close to someone you do not know.

7. Cover your mouth when you sneeze… Even when you are not in a confined space this is a good idea.

8. Please wear deodorant… If you find you forgot to put some on they sell it in the Gift Shop…

9. Do not blow your nose in an elevator.

10. If you do please get out of the way of the person who is about to throw up because of the nastiness of you putting snot back into your pocket.

11. When getting off of the elevator always clean your hands with the sanitizer the hospital provides for you. There is a reason it is located on the wall in the elevator area.


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