I am busier than normal as of today.  Several things have changed the dynamic of my household, the biggest of which is new work hours for my wife.  It is only 4:29 (Last week it would have been 3:29) and I am ready to go to bed.

Sleep… Where are you?

I have prayed for God to give me strength and then I went and ate a few Starburst Jelly Beans because sometimes that is just what you need… some sugar…. to pick yourself back up. They were good but the effect hasn’t hit my blood stream as of yet.  Maybe it will before I finish this ramble.

If my wife was home I would be taking a nap… Oh sleep.

You, know Jesus got tired from time to time, He slept on the back of a boat one time while a storm was going on. It wasn’t little storm. In fact it was bad enough to scare grown men.  So, they woke Him up and He took care of it.

I wonder if He went back to sleep?

Not sure.

One time a man went to sleep in the Bible and woke up with a wife.

Another time a man went to sleep in a tent and the “woman” he trusted drove a tent peg through his temple.  He never woke up… obviously.

A prophet went to sleep and woke up with a meal to eat.  A meal from heaven.

Another prophet went to sleep and had a vision of heaven, God and His throne room.  As soon as he woke up he wrote about it.

A king had a dream one time about cows, both fat and lean.  That was before Chic-fil-a.

I went to sleep one time and woke up without four teeth.  Wisdom totally gone.

One time in the Bible a king went to sleep and his “enemy” snuck into his camp and stole his spear and water jar.  Then gave them back. His name was David.

It seems that even when we are sleeping God is still at work in the world, for He never sleeps and never slumbers…

He never gets tired.

So, maybe I should just go to bed and let God work…

well… I might not be able to do that yet because I doubt supper would be on the table when I got back up.

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