Praise The Lord


Praise the Lord

He has allowed us to breathe, to move, to dance, to laugh, to cry, to mourn, to experience another day.

Praise the Lord

The Hills are His, the depths of the oceans are His, the birds sing songs He has given them, the whale bellows forth according to the Lord’s designed.

Praise the Lord

The snow comes, the rain falls, the winds blow bringing the temperatures of the earth to where they should be

Praise the Lord

The sun shines, the clouds cover its light partly or completely justthe way He programed them, the stars have the fuel they need and the plants are set in orbit by His mighty hand.

Praise the Lord.

What is too hard for our God to do?  What does He not control? What plans of His have ever went wrong or failed?


Not even one

Praise the Lord

When I was lost He found me, Before I needed Him, before I was enslaved, before I took my first breath, He  provided a way of salvation, a way of freedom through His Son Jesus.

Shout Praise to His mighty name!

He drew me to Himself, sent the message of the gospel through His chosen ones, enlightened me, lifted my blindness so I could see my need of Him, my need of a Savior.

Shout Praise and Sing to the Lord

No greater miracle or work has occurred from all of creation as the miracle of a changed life made possible by His Blood, His Death and His Resurrection.

I’m thankful one of those lives was Mine.

Shout Praise, Sing to the Lord and Dance

For He is a great, mysterious, and personal God.

Praise the Lord.

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