SHH… Don’t Tell Anybody…


SHH… Don’t Tell Anybody… no one needs to know…

King David sinned and we all know what that was about…




and murder.

King David was never really caught by a human, or called out concerning his actions but God called him on the carpet for it.   In a story by a close prophet friend, God not only revealed to David that he was displeased but He also revealed there would be a punishment to follow.

1st the baby that was made as a result of the adultery would die.

2nd his kingdom would have a civil war, a war that would rear it’s head within his own family.

As both of these events took place, David never told anyone that these unfortunate circumstances were happening because of his sins…





He never complained to God about it, he just accepted what was happening and took the discipline the Lord administered. He never tried to prevent it, he just stepped back and submitted to God. He kept his mouth shut, endured and got through it and the majority of people involved never knew the reason why the suffering occurred.

The lesson?

When you know the unfortunate events that are happening to you are the result of the discipline of God, let them occur,  don’t try to prevent them, no one else needs to know but you.

So… SHH… and do what it takes to keep it that way.

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