Day 17 – Proverbs 17

This post was written by Justin Davis a staff member at my friend Pete Wilson’s church; Cross Point.

Proverbs 17:27-28 A truly wise person uses few words;
a person with understanding is even-tempered. Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent;
with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.

I love to talk. I love to share my opinion(s). I love to demonstrate to people how much I know with the words I use, the books I can quote, the arguments I can make. Many times in my life I have used words to help shape people’s decisions, opinions, moods, and emotions. I have often thought that my ability to speak eloquently was something that people and God should be impressed with.  The writer of Proverbs would say “Justin, you are a fool. A truly wise person uses few words.”

One of the prayers I have been praying since we started this 31 Day Challenge is that God would help me to listen more and speak less. Here is why I have prayed this prayer: The picture I get of  a person who is so wise that they use few words is not of a shy person, but of a person that lives such a God centered life, you know what they think, believe and value not because of the words that they say, but the way that they live. Who they are doesn’t have to be explained or proved with fancy words, it is being demonstrated with how they live their life.

What about you? Are there times in your life that you just need to stop talking and start living out what you believe? Are there arguments that you shouldn’t speak into but could resolve by just living differently? Are there people that you should stop trying to impress with how well you can put together a presentation or opinion, and just live out what you believe or prove with your actions what a great employee you are?

This is what hit me in Proverbs 17…what about you?

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – Proverbs 17

  1. “A joyful heart is good medicine” (v. 22). Now taking medicine or getting a shot is not one of my favorite things, but it is beneficial for my body when I am sick. The same goes with my heart attitude. Am I joyful in everything–the ups and the downs, in daily joys and trials in my life? Having a joyful response is healing and soothing to my soul. “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.”

  2. Numerous items stuck out to me in this chapter! Of course the common memory verses we so frequently hear… ” A friend loves at all times”, “A cheerful heart is good medicine” but what God pointed out to me was this… “but the Lord tests the heart”
    Why… well I guess because you always hear the cliche ~ why does God allow bad things happen to good people? Here is the answer… God is testing our hearts, I would say daily, some of us feel like we are tested more than others but I can take comfort in the fact that when I am being tested the impurities of my life and character surface, God can skim those off as one would skim off the impurities of gold and silver when heated. The “fire” of hard times is given to me to improve me, drawing me closer to God and the best he has for me!

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