I’m a Slave of Jesus’


It just dawned on me today what some people think human free will is….

Some seem to think that Free Will means they are the masters of their destiny, their direction in life and have the power to choose who they serve, because they are the masters of their life and what they do…

kind of like a god.

But that is not what free will is biblically.

Free will is the ability to choose right and wrong, Jesus as your Savior or not, and then be responsible for the consequences of your choices. Biblical Free Will never declares a person is their own master because really there are only two masters in life.  Sin and Jesus.

We are all born into slavery when we are born. The bible teaches us we are slaves to sin and it’s will. Hopefully somewhere in our life we come to the realization of that enslavement and accept Jesus as our Savior and new master.  Buying us from sin with the purchase price of His blood we become His slaves to do His will.

Does the Bible teach we are part of His family?

Does it teach that we are sons and daughters of God?

Yes it does

Does it also teach we are His slaves too?

Yes, it does, for at the point of Salvation He becomes our Lord and Master….

and the He is no other than Jesus

King of Kings and Lord of All.

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