It is easy to get sucked into a life that is not authentic

Especially if you are going into or are in the ministry

If you are in the ministry you are pressured to pick a side, hold to a certain view point, all attached to a name or a speaker promoting those views…

If you are in the ministry you are pressured to act, perform and preach a certain way.  If you choose not to it is said you do not preach correctly…

If you are in the ministry you are expected to be inhuman, not with sinless perfection because people are quick to point imperfections out and make you remember them but inhuman as in the time that you should depend with people visiting and calling.

If you are in the ministry you are expected to care equally for people, with an equal amount of time for everyone.

You are also expected not to speak the truth…

Yep, that’s right…

Not speak the truth.

People are generally good with hearing theological concepts that they have no concept about.  But when a preacher takes those theological ideas and puts skin and bones on them, and actually relates them to life, immediately it becomes too real and most do not want to hear that kind of “shallow” preaching.

for the definition of shallow (most of the time) is preaching that convicts and that demands  uncomfortable life changes…

you know really carrying a cross instead of sitting on the christian couch.

It’s interesting that others are allowed to say anything they want about the minister but you are NOT to speak the truth directly into someone’s life…

because you are expect to never hurt anyone’s feelings, or challenge them to change…

but they are allowed to do that to you because after all to them…

you’re just a hired hand and are to come and go at their bidding…

and most don’t even tithe the way they should but feel they should have you under their control.

There is a huge price to pay for  being real

but I think that is the only way to be

it just takes work and a focus on Jesus to the point where the pull to be inauthentic becomes nonexistent.

it’s worth the work.

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