I have felt that way more times than I would like to remember.  I’ve been alone in my car, alone at church, alone at home and alone in a crowd.

Alone in a crowd

I have felt left out, rejected and diminished. Sometimes people did it on purpose other times they didn’t realize it but all led to the same place


The truth is….

I have really never been alone

for I am a christian, a follower of Jesus, God has been with me each step of the way…

even when I felt…


God has never left me out, rejected me or diminished my value ( for my value is a gift from Him)

He has never left me and was with me even when I felt alone in a crowded room

I have been alone with God… many times

For to be a follower of Jesus equals never being alone

This means I always have someone to talk to, someone to lean on, someone to guide me, strengthen me and show me what I need to be doing.

He loves me

He cares for me

and will help me in my moment of need

Here’s the other side

I love Him too

I care about Him and desire to do whatever task He has for me to do

knowing He is always with me each step of the way

even when I feel…


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