A random thought from lunch today…


Have you ever been to someone’s house and they gave you something to eat like…

Buffalo Meatloaf

And then they said “its better for you than regular beef”

Have you ever noticed that any food that people give you that is odd in nature is always better for you…

Hey eat this canary… its better for you than chicken

Hey eat these goat eggs they are better than chicken eggs

Goat eggs?

and have you ever noticed that if there is a food item they do not like they say…

“That causes cancer”

Pepsi causes cancer

Chicken eggs cause cancer

Pasteurized milk causes cancer

Mexican food causes indigestion (this one is true)

Salt causes high blood pressure which triggers cancer

Have you ever noticed that?

Why is it that when we decide to eat something different  we can’t just say..

I really like this and resist the urge to prove why?

Why is it when we do not like a certain food, we always try to give reasons why?

Why can’t we just say…

I really don’t enjoy that food and life is too short for me to eat something I don’t like.

Why can’t we just be real and let people be real and move on?

I think its because deep down inside we want someone to agree with us so we feel better about what we are eating or not eating.

Regardless, it is funny if you think about it…

so next time someone puts “buffalo meatloaf” in front of you to eat and they say it’s better for you than regular meat just have a little fun and say…

yea.. but I heard it causes cancer…

and let the dialogue begin.

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