It Wasn’t Just Yesterday


Kids get older

It seems that just yesterday we were in Christ Hospital holding our daughter for the first time.

It seems that just an hour ago we were in Saint Luke Hospital holding our son for the very first time.

But it wasn’t

Nor the first steps we watched them take, the first words we heard them say, the first Christmas they actually experienced with excitement, the first time at Disney World or the time they began to understand what the beach really was…

It wasn’t just yesterday…

but it seems like it.

It wasn’t just a moment ago when we dropped them off at school for the first time…

this week is a reminder of that.

With one Open House down and another tomorrow night 13 and 10 years have seemingly flown by.

And though it seems like we have “never not” had children, it also seems like they grow up very quickly.

Because they do…

So here’s to making it count today by spending time with your kids,

for they are only children for a very short amount of time.

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