We can’t always D WJWD


I can’t always Do What Jesus Would Do.

When I’m in a hospital room and looking at someone who needs a miracle, a touch of healing, I often wonder if Jesus had met them 2000 years ago, would they be one He would touch and raise from the bed of sickness?  In some of those situations I am at a loss as to what to say and feel helpless because there is nothing physically I can do. In that moment WWJD? doesn’t work, because even if I had that answer only He can do certain things.

(Now be for you go loco on me, Jesus did heal gentiles.)

When Satan comes out of no where and grabs my hand and takes me into the arena of strong temptation it is not time for me to say WWJD?  For He was strong enough in His perfect state, to remain and withstand the full force of Satan’s temptation. I am not that strong and would be a fool to think as such.  When Satan grabs my hand it is time for me to Do What Joseph Would Do…. get lose of his grip and run, even if I have to leave something behind.

Because sometimes the thing to do is follow His commands not His actions.

Jesus laid down His life for the sins of the world.  He allowed people to beat Him, to spit on Him and to say whatever they wanted concerning Him.  The reason He did this is because He knew it was the only way to offer Salvation to the world. If someone began to beat me, the question is not WWJD?…

It’s how do I get out of this alive?

And if Jesus lets me live…


If not…

it was What He choose to Do with me, a fact that is troubling but true.

Yes, there are times when WWJD? is what we should ask, but those times are more limited than one may think.   For I can not always do what Jesus would do, but what I can do, is follow His commands and instructions.

So, maybe, we should think… What Does Jesus Tell Us to Do? more often than WWJD? because we are more able to live His commands than we are His actions.

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