The Weight of Love


Matt Redman has written a song titled “Holy” that is absolutely incredible.  The first line of the song asks this question.

“What heart could hold the weight of Your love?”

This is a powerful statement.

We often speak of the weight of the world, the weight of this life, or the weight of sin. These are things that our hearts can hold the weight of, even though they are often hard to bear.  When it comes to the weight of sin it’s a debt that must be paid to God for the wrongs that we have committed against Him and even though our hearts produced the debt that needs to be paid we do not have the capacity that would enable us to pay that debt back to God.

A debt in scripture is always measured by “weight” scales and when it comes to our sin the scale is not tipped in our favor and its weight is impossible for us to do anything about. Even if we did “good” we would still be incapable of making the debt balance out…

or tip in our favor.

But God’s love weighs more than all of that.

In fact God’s love doesn’t even tip the scales to the point where they are balanced, or in our favor.

Instead when God’s love comes on the scene it is so heavy it breaks the scales

it annihilates the scales crushing our sin and the scales to the point of nothingness.

God’s love is so heavy it, once we accept it our sins are considered nonexistent

for even sins cannot hold the weight of His love…

and neither can our heart.

(John 3:16-17)

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