We have Arrived?

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My abilities, My accomplishments, My Wisdom trump all others.


Comes from a word that means “to boil” and was used to describe a person who was arrogant and insubordinate. (Proverbs 11:2)


My abilities, My accomplishments, My triumphs rather than God’s.

It is a push for personal acclaim. A belief that “I should be noticed because I am great and have the answers everyone needs.


“I’m the coolest thing in the room”

When someone finds themselves living this way they never receive the honor they think they deserve and the dishonor they do receive goes unseen for they are blinded by their…



for those that show up with a desire to learn, grow and contribute.

The ones that live their lives with an awareness that God is at work and they are just serving Him by playing their part in His plan.

Those that know when and who to submit too and when and how to stand for what is right.

Those that go about their day not even thinking that they are God’s gift to the world because they have a personal relationship with that amazing Gift.

For those who realize their place before God…

You know the


They are the ones that live with honor unlooked for and wisdom they are shocked they have. (Proverbs 11:2)

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