Leadership = Discipline


The thing that holds you back as a leader is the area in your personal life where you lack discipline.

It has taken me a while to figure this one out.

It’s not your weaknesses…. they will be your weaknesses even if you get better at them over time…. and even if you get better at them, (through discipline and focus) they will still be your weaknesses. They will never operate at the level of your giftedness. They don’t have too because Leadership is bringing people around you that have strengths in areas where you are week.  That makes a good team. Your weaknesses only hold you back when you are not willing to recognize them and do something about them.

The thing that holds you back from being all you can be as a leader are the areas in your life where you lack discipline.

Where do you lack discipline?

Do you have self control over…

Your actions

Your mouth when you are irritated

Your time – you do not allow yourself to be easily distracted or allow people to consume your time.  You make sure you are on time to commitments you have made. You do not over commit yourself (saying you will do more things than you have time to do)

What you eat, how much you eat…

The health of your body, exercise and the right amount of sleep.

Do you read? Spend time thinking, pursue learning. Are you open to new ideas and changes in your field or do you reject anything that comes along that is a change?

Are you lazy?

Are there areas where you should be more proactive but you’re just not going to be?

Is their unchecked sin in your life?  Where you are not resisting it but you just allow it to happen.

I need to work on having a daily exercise regiment. Even if it is just walking in my neighborhood.  The lack of exercise has held me back from achieving some of my goals….

as strange as that may sound.


are you a leader?

Is there anything in your life you’re not disciplined with?

If so…

it’s limiting your leadership potential and it’s time to do something about it.

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