The Clones Wars Season 5 Episode 20…

(and there goes a few readers)

has Ahoska… Anakin’s Padawan….

(Spoiler Alert!)

Leaving the Jedi order.

It’s a complicated series of events that covers 3 shows that explains why this happened…

and I’m bothered by it.

not in a “I’m mad at the show”  or “upset they wrote this in to the Star Wars Universe”

But in a real life… feeling way.

Sometimes in life the people we put our trust in let us down.  When the people we count on to be on our side go political rather than ascertaining the truth of a given situation, trust is broken, hurts are inflicted and our loyalty disintegrates because we realize our loyalty was a one way street.

A fact that is devastating to our souls.

So maybe it bothers me because I have been there.

Maybe it bothers me because I’ve seen it happen to others.

Maybe it bothers me because I know how it feels to stand alone and its hard for me to see someone else have to go through that…

fictional or real.

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