Which Spouse are You?

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Just maybe

Satan should have made his deal with God with Job’s wife instead of Job.

Then he would have won.

“Do you still hold fast to your integrity?” She said. – Your children are gone, your wealth is gone and now your body is sick.  You are now a “has been”, a “used to be”, a worthless piece of human flesh and because of that I am now married to a worthless piece of trash.  You are an idiot for holding on to your integrity that blew away with these trials that God has allowed to come into your life… so “curse Him”… (you know I have already done that) and then “die” so I can get my life back.

Yep… it would have  been better for him to make the deal with Job’s wife.

But Job’s identity wasn’t in the stuff he had acquired in this life. His identity was found in God. His identity was found in who God said he was. To Job it didn’t matter if he was known for greatness or known for his losses.  What mattered was what God wanted his identity to be… what God wanted for him…

and he was just fine leaving that for His Creator to decide.


Which spouse are you?

Are you the one that leaves who you are to God?

Or are you the one that goes to excessive links to be a certain kind of person?

This is important because one curses God when they don’t get their way…

and the other is OK with whatever God sends their way.

Which spouse are you?

(A cutting board point from our new series “Questions that Need Answering”. It was cut from our first sermon titled “Who do you think you are?”)

3 thoughts on “Which Spouse are You?

  1. Well…I know which spouse I WANT to be and which one I THINK I am but God hasn’t put me through a trial like the one Job went through either (not even remotely close!) so it’s hard to put a definite on it. But something to think and pray about if that any trial ever does come to pass.

    1. Really it doesn’t take a trial to determine that. Job lived a certain way in the good times that prepared him for the bad times. I understand what you are saying, but the real test is how you live while things are the way you want them to be. Is it like Job – “who feared the Lord and turned from evil” who lived for God and did everything he could to live and trust in him… the way he lived his life in the good times prepared him for the bad. His wife wasn’t prepared. She didn’t live like Job did in the good times.

      We all pray that our preparation will pay off when times are not good… this is true. But faithfulness’ true test is in the good times… how we live during the good determines how we will approach the bad. That is a challenging lesson from this book.

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