Prayer Take 5/40

Our church praying for 40 days for our Take It to the Streets Ministry.  Each day will have a scripture reading, a list things to pray for and I will write a quick devotional thought from the day’s passage.  The schedule is not original with us but is built off of YouVersion’s Bible App.

– Joshua 1:8-9

It can be very discouraging at times.  Our economy is not what it should be, there is sickness and death seemingly all around.  To top it all off we are called as followers of Jesus to reach out to a culture where we can define its issues but struggle in coming up with ways to reach it.

Fear often blocks our ability to come up with solutions and launch into action.  It this case it is safer to diagnose the problem than it is to do what God has asked of us to redeem it.

At least that is what is on our minds…

Here is what we know from this passage today.  When God asks you to do something even when the task seems like it is more than you can handle He is with you.  And if God is with you there is no need to be frightened or dismayed.

So today when you pray, pray for God to help you with your fear and ask Him to give you the confidence you need to do the Job He has called all of us to do.

– Pray for our community and all of those who are living in fear and anxiety about what the future holds for them.  Pray that through their feelings of hopelessness God will use that to move them to reach out for Him.

– Pray for your neighbors today that they will be flooded with words of encouragement and kindness and that God will keep the discouraging words away from them. Pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit and His guidance that they will see this encouragement is coming from Him

– Pray that this Sunday we will see people show up at church we haven’t seen before. Pray that we will be a source of encouragement for those people.

– Pray for Take 5.2 – as we prepare to give the gospel to our community this Christmas Season

– Pray for Take 13 – our Traveling Trunk or Treat that we will be able to make positive contacts in our community and see people not only come to our church as a result of that connection but also see many come to know Jesus as their Savior.

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