God – Take Him Out?

Why would an organization take God out of their business? Why would a political group take Him out of their endeavors? Do they really believe the answers to life’s problems reside in them  alone?

Do they really think the reason we are compassionate as a nation, why we desire to take care of the poor and needy, why we think that if someone has a heath condition and needs assistance we should find a way to get them the help they need, why we strive to care and love others, and why we desire to redeem people from their plights in life and restore them, really are values that come from humanity alone and not from something bigger than us?

Do they really think that?

Where is the hope in an organization that has no God?

Well, the hope is in humans…

In what mankind can do for itself.

Here is a fact – hope that is rooted in mankind is faulty  for it is humans that got to this rotten place in the first place…

humans that decided to follow their own morality and not…


Yes, hope in mankind alone to solve this mess is worse than having no hope at all.

So you are going to take Him out because you have some how evolved past the need of faith,  and have now arrived to the place where you are the ones with all the answers? Where you are the sole authority on right and wrong?

Well, I’m not signing up for that, I don’t need that type of destruction in my life.

I’m sticking with faith in Jesus…

for He is the only hope mankind has…

a fact that many don’t understand or comprehend or they would not have taken Him out of yet another cultural forum.

One thought on “God – Take Him Out?

  1. I do realize that yesterday God was voted back in… however it wasn’t a 2/3s vote. I am glad there was enough pressure to put God back in but am still disturbed. Why? because it seems it was the will of at least half of the DNC to leave Him out… but that is just based on a listen to the DNC video on the revote.

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