Random Thursday

1. I ate to much at lunch

2. Owl City has a great rendition of In Christ Alone – Listening to it now (now = as I am wringing this line of this post)

3. Eating too much makes one really tired.

4. Is that Superman?

5. Promotion Sunday is this Sunday @farmingtonbaptist… of course some of you are too old to promote.

6. School begins Monday – we have open house tonight.

7. My family is at the pool while I am at work.

8. I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for for President… it’s just not anyone that holds that office right now.

9. Van broken down again… coolant leak at the air intake manifold.

10. New stuff is happening at FUEL – our Wednesday evening Teen “meeting”, one new thing is the time, they will start at 6:45pm and end at 8:15pm.

11. Love is Here – 10th Ave North – would 10th Ave South have the opposite message?

12. Stomach feels a bit less full

13. We are back in 1 John starting this Sunday @farmingtonbc – gotta wrap that up today

14. The hope is we finish touching up the trim on the house this weekend…. but that all depends…

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