Not Gonna Try Any More

Its seems in life the more you try the more you fail.

I think the reason people try so hard in life is deep in their soul they are trying to prove something…

to the people around them…

to themselves

or both.

The fact of the matter is…

If you are a Christian you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone for we already have the best position ever…

Child of God

and there is no greater title, or position anyone can have that is better than that.

In fact you can try and try and try to get the next position at work, make it to the next step on the ladder and will never gain any position that out ranks that one.

So I’m not gonna try anymore…

I’m just going to DO to the best of my ability…

with no other purpose other than

service to my King.

I’m not Gonna Try Anymore –

I’m just going to do

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