When you think…


When you think you can’t make it…

Its interesting to think…

and also comforting to know…

that Jesus

God’s Son,

Creator of the Universe.

Prays for us. (Hebrews 7:25)

He knows we will face hard ships in this life, storms if you will. He knows about them before they make land fall in our lives, before they reek havoc in our lives. He prays, and prays that our faith will not fail and that once we have made it through we will look to our brothers and sisters and strengthen them during the storm they are going through.
(Luke 22:32)

Jesus prays for us, he wants us to walk in freedom during the stroms of life. He wants to live in faith in such a way that it prevents anxiety, fear and stress during the storm. He wants us to live above all that.

He prays we will have the strength to come out and walk on the storm’s waves with Him…

in freedom

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