Salt Shakers

Have you ever cooked something and didn’t put enough salt in it and it didn’t change the taste of the food at all?

Well, this is an instance where salt was ineffective, because the mass of the food item engulfed the limited amount of salt you added, thus the food’s taste over powered the salt and the salt lost its ability to add flavor. The salt was out numbered and rendered ineffective.

Have you ever cooked something and put too much salt in it causing it to be hard to eat because the salt taste was so strong?

Well, this is another instance where the salt was ineffective because the amount of salt you used engulfed the item you were cooking, thus the salt over powered the food in a negative way The salt lost its ability to add positive flavor and became ineffective.

Have you ever had a salt shaker where the salt inside stuck together and some of the salt plugged up the holes in the top of it?

This is a case where salt becomes unusable. To solve the problem one must clean the top of the shaker, throw the salt in the shaker away and fill it back up with new salt (possibly adding rice to prevent further moisture problems). Sometimes you have to get rid of the good and the bad in order to make something usable again.

Have you ever put salt out on a sidewalk because of ice or snow? What happens after the ice or snow melts and the sun comes out?

Well, you are left with rocks. One time I left the rocks on the side walk at my house thinking they would work for the snow that was coming that evening. Guess what? It didn’t work. It had lost its effectiveness with the previous snow and was of no use. You could walk on it and hear a crunching sound but that was the extent of its usability at that point.

I drink Pepsi One…

which is an understatement.

I drink a lot of Pepsi One…

ok thats better.

Pepsi One has the right amount of salt to make it taste right in every can. It is constant across the board.

I also drink Welch’s Grape Juice, It also has the right amount of salt in every bottle. It is consistent across the board. However the amount of salt needed to make it taste just “right” is considerably less than the amount of salt that is needed to make Pepsi One taste “right”.

Jesus says, He has put us (His people) in various places and situations today to be salt. Each of these places requires a different amount of salt to be used if we are to steer the situation in the right direction. The trick is to use wisdom (and pray for it) so our actions and conversations will bring the right result.

Being too much or too little salt will be counter productive.

Using the same amount no matter where we are will is also counter productive, worthy of being trampled on or sent to the sewer.

But if we use our salt in variant amounts all depending on the situation we are in…

We… not only will be used by God to steer the situation in the right direction but we will also fulfill our calling from Jesus to be the salt of the earth. – Matthew 5:13-16

So no matter what you do or where you go today arrive with this thought in mind…

“I am here to be salt… now Lord give me wisdom concerning how much to use.” – Luke 14:34-35

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